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How were most EA born ?
Well, most sellers came across Forex EA with zero years of trading experience, then guessing what strategy works best and unfortunately limiting their strategy to one market condition, so the result is an average NON-PROFITABLE, NON-CONSISTENT, Single Market Condition Market

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Why does IvyBot succeed while all others fail?
The reasons are endless, but one prime cause stands out.

Back tests ALONE are worthless...
Period, end of story.

We don't ONLY rely on back test results !

Here is why... As you know, the markets constantly change.
IvyBot is intuitive enough to recognize not only major shifts in market patterns, but minor ones too!

Simply put... a Forex trading robot that made money in a back
test a few months ago probably will not work today.

Let us be clear, IvyBot back tests are amazing.
However, the best results are found in real day to day trading.

Confirm your main trend with LMT Forex Formula

L.M.T Stands for Low Maintenance Trading. The L.M.T Forex Formula is a trend following system that requires little time to manage and trade.
The L.M.T Forex Formula was originally designed for trading the Daily charts but can also be used very profitably on the 4 hour charts.
If you currently have a demanding day job but still wish to trade Forex then you will want to focus on the daily charts. This allows you to only check your charts for 10-15 minutes a day (at the close of the daily candle). Trading the daily charts will also provide you with very profitable trades sometimes netting anything between 100 and 2000 pips profit. Trading 10-12 pairs on the daily charts you can expect around 8-10 trades a month which is 2-3 trades a week on average.
If you have more time to spare you may wish to drop down to the 4 hour charts
giving you plenty of opportunities to trade, however this will also require a lot
more time managing the trades as they progress.
Yesterday , I noticed a perfect WolfWave pattern , so I sold 3 lot E/U and made nice profit, the decisions were confirmed by LMT forex Formula. 

Needless to say much about this hot forex system, it help you detect and confirm the main trend so you will always feel at ease when open new positions, we always go with the trend, Get LMT Formula.

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