Trend Collapse Forex Strategy

Today I want to share with you a powerful Forex strategy that works on any time frame and any currency pair because its principles are virtually universal. This strategy seeks to exploit the sharp reversal moves we occasionally see in our charts once an established trend shows weakness. When this happens, traders who had been riding that trend are very quick to protect their hardearned pips by closing out at once all their trend-based trades, and therefore the market bias suddenly changes. 

When a trend starts collapsing

Everyone says that the safest way to trade Forex is by trading only in the direction of the trend. But what about when the trend comes to an end? Should you stop searching for trading opportunities altogether? Not at all!

In fact, when a trend begins to lose its momentum, the market goes through a period of sudden “mass panic” as every trader closes his formerly-profitable trend-riding positions before the trend goes belly up. So… what happens when a large portion of the market jumps out of the market at the same time? well, basically the market -and the former trend- collapse!

And right THEN and THERE is exactly when you want to be ready to profit from that sudden market collapse.!

I hope you enjoy and use this strategy… trust me, it’s powerful stuff!


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