How to Subscribe Trading Signals MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5

"Signals" in MetaTrader 5 trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal issued by providers. Select and subscribe to any trading signals provider to copy all his or her deals on your account.

The reliability of all signal providers is carefully checked to provide maximum security. All signals will work only in demo mode within a month. However, you already can master them by subscribing to one of the Expert Advisors participating in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. Please keep in mind that automatic copying of performed deals is possible only when your trading terminal is active (connected to the trade server). 
So, how to become an investor?

How to Avoid Failed (Invalidated) Harmonic Pattern

The Harmonic Pattern is so popular and we all agree it really works !! Many of Harmonic Trading topics are full of succesful screenshots of Patterns like Gartley, Butterfly, Bat ...etc. What about the opposite, the invalidated (also called failed) ones ? 
In fact, Harmonic Pattern success rate is only about 80%. 
I'll start posting some of failed cases and then I will show how to avoid it. Following examples present invalidated/failed patterns:
This is an emerging Bullish Gartley Pattern, deteced by one Harmonic Pattern Indicator, price was supposed to go up after the pattern is displayed... . what really happened afterward is price continuing down and the Harmonic Pattern expand it's right wing and failed eventually

How MACD Indicator can Count Elliott Wave

In this post I will show you how I use MACD Indicator to count Elliott Wave, this method is very useful and easy to apply, especially when the price starts moving  in a new trend. And why I say it is useful and valuable ? Because when you can predict the price movement, you would know where the price will probably head and where it will potentially stop, this helps trader with many opportunities to be profitable.
The screenshot below is the EURAUD 4H I took just now , as of May 9th 2013, you can see the price has breaked the downtrend.

Technical Indicators and EA on MQL5 Market in MT5

I think, everyone engaged in FOREX trading knows MetaQuotes company and its FOREX trading terminal called MetaTrader. The fourth version of MetaTrader is the most popular nowadays but MetaTrader 5 is winning recognition at a rapid pace. In this review, we want to tell you about a very useful innovation implemented in MetaTrader 5 - MQL5 Market.

You can find a huge number of trading tools on the Internet, including various scripts, technical indicators and Expert Advisors.