Natural talent is something that all potential forex investors crave. Knowledge and anticipation of how markets move is hard to come by and in truth, it is more of a natural talent than a learnt skill. In spite of this, natural talent alone is not enough and being successful in the markets requires hard work and dedication above all else. Regular forex education is essential if you want to improve the success rate of your trades. One simple way to boost your knowledge is to adopt a trading strategy. Here, we look at the Dow Theory and show how it can help you improve your trades.

The principles behind the Dow Theory are relatively simplistic and, because of this, it is a great tool for new traders. The fundamental belief behind the Dow Theory is that any factor that would influence the market will have already been factored into the offer price. It may be the case that such factors cannot be predicted, but, even so, they are already factored in.

Why Use Technical Analysis?