History Account Statement. The investment was a huge success :Gain 971%, deposit 43,000 USD, withdrew 183,000 USD in less than 2 years ! See the statement below and read how to benefit from a 10 years veteran trader


Projected profit is around 15%/month, profit share is 25% on high water mark basis, settle at end of each month.
See my performance is at the best position of Fxjunction Trading Performance website (click on screenshot to enlarge)

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Minimum to invest is 5000 USD/EUR/GBP.

Contact me at marketivaster [at] gmail.com (replace [at] by @)

Here are frequent question about my managed account service :

1) Which brokers can I open accounts ? What are your performance fee ?
Any Broker. Performance fee is 25% of the profit on high water mark basis. No gain no fee.

2) Is my money safe with the broker ?
Yes, your money is deposited into a segregated account type, and it belongs to you, and not the broker. In the catastrophic event that the broker go into bankruptcy, your money belongs to you, and the creditors cannot touch the money since it does not belong to the broker.

3) How can I withdraw money from my account?
You will need to submit a withdrawal request form to your Forex broker. If you deposited the funds using your credit card, the broker can credit the funds back only to the same credit card. If you deposited the funds using wire transfer from your bank account, your broker will only transfer the funds back to the same account, not your spouse’s or children’s account, or any other accounts. This is to protect you against fraud and unauthorized withdrawals.

4) What is the minimum dollar amount required for a trading system?
You can start out as small as $5000 to build trust with me.

5) Do I need to do anything when you are trading my account?
No, I will handle everything. Just sit back and relax.

6) If I deposited $10,000 and the account is up to $15,000, can I withdraw the profits?
All withdrawals go through your Forex broker, and you can withdraw your profits at any time.

7) Can I log in and view my account while you are my account?
Absolutely, you still have full control access to your account i.e. buy and sell or close trades, and you can view your account live, 24 hours a day. I am proud to provide you with full trading transparency.

8) How do I open the trading account?
Go to your favourite broker website and open an account online.

9) What are the biggest advantages in using your service?
•Requires no prior trading knowledge.
•Operates 24 hours a day and 5.5 days per week.
•I have propriety trading experience to make the right trading decisions for any market conditions.
•Requires no work, no decisions, and no worry.

10) What are the differences between you and your competitors?
•I publish live results for public for full trading transparency.
•My trading results are verified by the popular myfxbook.com
•Other Forex service comes and goes; I have successfully traded live since 2010, with more than 2600 trades and a similar number of buy and sell trades.
•I publish all statistic so that clients can make informed decisions regarding the risk and reward ratio.
•I use proper money management, and all of our trades have fixed stop loss and take profit.
•I have 8 years experience and graduated Master of Science Degree in Investment Analysis and Management.

Contact me at marketivaster [at] gmail.com (replace [at] by @)

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Regianld Barnett said...

I like that you show 3rd party verified track records and not just showing a statement that could have been made up.

I personally think opening account with this company would be a decent decision especially because the openness and transparency that's being shown.